Block E - Riverfront House
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185 days


3 - 4 bedrooms

Follow the progress of Block E - Riverfront House from the first brick!

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In progressFoundations
Soil Testing
Site Levelling
Site Clearing
Pile Foundations
Concrete Groundfloor Slabs


Start April 2022Expected to end September 2022

Status: in progress

After months of careful planning, the site is primed and ready for the first pour. Standing on the edge of the site it's easy to look at the footprint and imagine the shape of the building to come. Engineers and builders are waiting for the arrival of the steel and concrete. This is an exciting time and a few months from now this area will transform as the first new homes are built. Before the big pour, however, there are a few task to complete.

This milestone includes

Soil Testing

Start April 2022Expected to end April 2022

In accordance with UK Law, the team will make sure the soil meets UK standards and is free from toxins.

Site Levelling

Start June 2022Expected to end June 2022

Using sophisticated equipment, the engineers will ensure all measurements are accurate. In particular, the heights must be correct in relation to each other.

Site Clearing

Start July 2022Expected to end July 2022

Removing any unwanted debris.

Pile Foundations

Start August 2022Expected to end September 2022

This term refers to driving strong cylinders of concrete deep into the ground. These 'piles' will help support the buildings above. The ground floor is a suspended precast concrete plank floor, precast planks are chosen to limit the number of subfloor masonry walls required, which would affect the flow of the floodwater within the flood void.

Concrete Groundfloor Slabs

Start August 2022Expected to end September 2022

Reinforced by steel, this poured concrete layer will be between 100 and 500mm thick. The traditional beam and block flooring system involves laying precast, prestressed concrete floor beams across or between walls which are then infilled with concrete blocks. With solid ground beneath their feet, the Team is now ready for stage two: The Brickwork.

Materials used

Concrete Slab

Concrete Slab

Concrete Diamond Face

Location Foundations

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