Block E - Riverfront House
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Time since the start

432 days


3 - 4 bedrooms

Follow the progress of Block E - Riverfront House from the first brick!

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In progressRoofworks
Install Roof trusses
Complete Gable walls
Roof Tiles


Start March 2023Expected to end TBC

Status: in progress

Looking out at the site now it is easier to imagine the completed building. Now that the building has foundations, floors, and walls, the next logical step is raising the roof. After fitting the roof and windows the team can get to work on the interior. Before the team can fully weatherproof the site, however, there are a few jobs to do.

This milestone includes

Install Roof trusses

Start March 2023Expected to end TBC

Roof trusses transfer weight from one area to another. These are the diagonal beams you might see in an old barn.

Complete Gable walls

Start May 2023Expected to end TBC

Gable walls are the small triangular walls at each end of the roof. Together with the trusses, they help distribute the weight of the roof evenly throughout the building.

Roof Tiles

Start TBCExpected to end TBC

Tiling the roof and insulation is a major milestone in the project. It is the roof tiles and windows which make the structure weather and waterproof. Once these critical steps are complete, the focus can shift from the exterior to the interior of the building. This is the final phase before we move on to the next stage: The Internal Fit-Out.

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